blank.gif (51 bytes) NCA Infamy

Exemplifying the bad odor today of national conservation areas is the King Range NCA, in Northern California. Since 1970 the federal government has systematically forced off the land nearly every private property owner, some whose families had been there for five generations. At the same time, enviro-radicals—incorporated as the Big Flat Conservation Trust—were allowed to covertly take over and renovate for their own private use the large complex of buildings below. Deep Ecology ideologue and sometime Earth First! fundraiser William Devall is listed on county records as owner of the land, which was purchased in 1990—well after the 1970 federally mandated rebuilding “end-date.” devall_pad.gif (57302 bytes)

A. Large building in the foreground is a communal cooking building, boasting a wood-fueled cooking stove.
B. Close-up of wood-heated hot tub.
C. Front of main lodge, looking out directly onto private ocean-front and black sand beaches on the King Range’s famed Lost Coast.
D. Not shown: Private beach-front air strip.
Pictures courtesy North American Research, Redding, Calif., and The American Policy Center.


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