Volume 5, Number 1 - January 1997



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The New World Opening Up for Exports, and a 1997
Legislative Update.

A Case of Federal Arrogance
Right Here in Nevada

The law provided for a payment of $43 million to the Fallon Pauite Tribe plus payment of $25 million for a "fishery development fund," to say nothing of an additional $40 million to finance an economic development fund for the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe. Special Projects Manager Russ Armstrong of the Truckee-Carson Irrigation District takes a close look at Uncle Sam behaving badly.

Cover Illustration by Steve Miller

NPRI, School District Ethics
in Question

Washoe County District Board Director of Communications Steve Mulvenon and NPRI President Judy Cresanta exchange views on politics in the schools.

Why Incumbents Rarely Lose
Last November, 94 percent of congressional incumbents won reelection, reports Nevadans for Term Limits Chairman and NPRI Director Hal Furman who explains exactly why even the worst incumbents rarely lose.

It’s My Turn
In this response to reckless critics who have judged him unfairly, Nevada Senator Maurice Washington sets the record straight.

Smokey’s New Motto: Do as I Say, Not as I Do
Elko Free Press Editorial Page Editor Dan Steninger notes the existance of a yawning gap between the way the U.S. Forest Service behaves and the way it wants everybody else to behave.

A Bureaucratic Nightmare
Online Nevada’s Managing Editor Erica Olsen discovers some alarming irregularities and practices in the office of a Nevada tax assessor.

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