Pen and Quill

Dear NPRI,
With President Bill Clinton re-elected for another four years as our leader, we have to wonder, “What next…”
• when today’s Commander- in-Chief, who never wore a uniform, presumes to immediately set policies about personnel matters which qualified military leaders had understood and quietly managed many years B.C.;
• when there are thousands more police on our streets and guns have been confiscated from citizens (as in Waco, Texas);
• when parental authority can be signed over to the jurisdiction of the United Nations (not unlike our young men in uniform);
• when immigration regulations are quietly repealed without congressional knowledge or approval (giving asylum to the HIV and AIDS afflicted);
• when more money is being spent defending, protecting, and coddling criminals and misfits than is spent on educating our children;
• when children are being taught more about deviant sex, condom techniques, and rights than about responsibility and respect, or those oldies — the 3 “R’s,” History and hickory sticks;
• when America is no longer united by a common language, and free speech includes flag-burning, vulgarity on TV and tax supported sacrilegious art, but a citizen is not allowed to voice an opinion to the president that he “sucks” or call him a “bozo”;
• when the reserved rights of the states are preempted by federal rules and regulations and personal and private property rights are disappearing under left-handed pen flourishes;
• when it takes a ‘go-between” to be born, to live, to work, to play, to spend, to save, to die, to be buried and to divvy up what he/she/it couldn’t take with him/her/it;
• when a citizen can become an overnight millionaire by merely being irresponsible (coffee is hot, stupid),

• when people we wouldn’t want in our homes are wined and dined in our White House;
• when the priceless right to vote goes begging or is sold to the highest bidder;
• when million dollar mouths spew out their opinions and polls, conning the can’t-don’t -or-won’t-read American into believing it is the news, the whole news and nothing but the news.”
When the rest of the world looks across the seas, will it look at the United States with inspiration and respect, or as Santa Claus, or with laughter, as in that old bedtime story of the Emperor who had no clothes on?
Elanor Arigoni
Reno, Nevada

Reader Arigoni’s litany of what is wrong with America these days is comendably detailed. Now we have to do our best to inform the other 266 million Americans of what has gone wrong so that when it comes time for each of them to vote again, “he/she/it” will vote intelligently. - Ed.

Dear NPRI:
As a fairly-new (5months) resident of Nevada, I look forward to your “Nevada Perspective” broadcasts and find them to be the most refreshing, incisive and inspiring commentaries I’ve heard. It is such a pleasure to hear real common sense solutions to problems based on fundamental American principles instead of the same tired pro-big government propaganda which has dominated and stifled public debate. Nothing will change in this country unless the minds and mindset of the people are changed first, so the importance of your message cannot be overestimated. It deserves to be heard in every corner of our nation, not only in Nevada. Whether or not I continue to

live in Nevada, I know that I will always want to keep in touch with your organization, and will do my best to inform `others of your work.
Thanks so much for putting the emphasis where it always should have been, by putting the Public back in Public Policy.
Marisa Harris
Las Vegas, Nevada

Due to a programming change, the Rush Limbaugh Show will no longer be broadcast on KDWN in Las Vegas. The Show has moved to KVEG. However, “Nevada Perspectives” will continue to be broadcast on KDWN at the regular drive times. NPRI is currently seeking funding for national syndication which would allow our commentaries to be broadcast nationwide. Keep your fingers crossed and thank you for your continued support and encouragement. - Ed.
Dear NPRI:
Working in the State Treasure’s office affords me the regular benefit of having many interesting and important policy papers come across my desk, but rarely am I compelled to write a “fan letter.” “Your Welfare As We Know It” piece, however, was absolutely terrific and I just wanted to tell you “thanks” for an issue brief that our legislators should contemplate very carefully. For this and all the other thoughtful work NPRI does, I commend you.
On a related note, Kelly and I watched Eloise Anderson on “60 Minutes” some time ago, and were completely enraptured with her common sense ideas, passions and personal credibility in discussing honest welfare reform. We will look forward to joining you on February 5.
Brian Krolicki
Carson City, Nevada

NPRI sends out weekly policy briefs to all NPRI members and government officials, including legislators. If you are interested in receiving our short, concise and current policy briefs on topics ranging from welfare reform to property rights, please fill out the membership card on page 23. And come spend your lunch hour on Feb. 5 with Eloise Anderson and NPRI. For more information, see page 5. - Ed.

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