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An Industry Divided Against Itself

"The days of wine and roses have become days of whine and grosses" in Nevada’s gaming industry, reports widely-read political analyst Jon Ralston. Exactly how things look these days within Nevada’s number one industry as the regulatory focus threatens to shift from Carson City to Washington is the subject of Mr. Ralston’s knowledgeable analysis, complete with a citizen’s guide to who today’s major players in the gaming industry really are.

Elko’s Grand Jury Hits State Nerve

The ongoing saga of the Elko grand jury investigation into government high handedness continues, reports Elko Daily Free Press Editorial Page Editor Dan Steninger. It turns out that some of the most offensive bureaucrats are not part of the federal nomenklatura at all, but our own state employees here in Nevada.

What Really Happened to "Lady Lindy"?

With American pilot Linda Fitch setting out this spring to follow Amelia Earhart’s route around the world, NPRI Senior Research Fellow Ralph Heller thinks it is not too soon for us to be informed of what really happened to "Lady Lindy" 60 years ago. And since the national media can’t be bothered, Mr. Heller has done the research and has come up with the answers.

Legalized Extortion: Part II

Nevada Journal Managing Editor Erica Olsen continues the "centerfold feature" about taxes she began last month, listing some of the taxes that end up being passed on to unwary consumers.

Partisan "Bipartisanship"

Isn’t it amazing that even during Governor Bob Miller’s term as president of the National Governors’ Association we have still been told so little about the organization? NPRI Research Analyst D. Dowd Muska thinks that since you pick up the biggest part of the tab to keep the NGA afloat and functioning, it’s time you were told about the organization.

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