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Protecting Our Land and Our Sovereignty

A special study undertaken by Cornell University Professor Jeremy Rabkin reveals that it was 14 U.S. environmental groups that succeeded in bringing Yellowstone National Park to the attention of a United Nations committee, and that our own Department of Interior was instrumental in convincing the World Haritage Committee to declare Yellowstone a “World Heritage Site,” leading NPRI to wonder if this is what awaits Lake Tahoe

Citizens Make A Difference

No longer will Elko residents have to worry about a publicly mismanaged hospital, reports Elko Daily Free Press Editorial Page Editor Dan Steninger who not only looks forward to a better managed hospital but wonders if anyone would like to buy the Elko County jail.

An Option for Nevada: Charitable Choice

NPRI Research Analyst D. Dowd Muska discovers an alternative to government’s monopoly mismanagement of welfare, and has figured out how the alternative could be adapted for use right here in Nevada.

A Nevadan Sees Through the Smoke and Mirrors

Former Department of Defense expert on technical intelligence analysis and weapons systems evaluation Robert C. Tauber resides right here in Henderson, and gives the Chemical Weapons Convention the sort of informed critique you never saw in your daily paper at the time it was passed.

An Experienced Hunter Has Some Advice for Westerners

Wyoming resident and expert on the National Environmental Policy Act Vance Haug takes readers along on an exciting elk hunt, and then offers some advice for hunters in dealing with private land owners.

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