A Beginner’s Guide to the Politics of Power

by Jason H. Barret and John Dobra, Ph.D.

An overview of the deregulation of electrical utilities which examines the effects such a change will have on Nevada.


Choice is a Panacea

by John Cubb, Ph.D. and Terry Moe, Ph.D.

A study demonstrating that Nevada can improve its public schools only through revolutionary change.


Congressional Testimony on the U.S. Mining Act of 1872

by John Dobra, Ph.D.

Dr. Dobra’s House testimony regarding President Clinton’s proposed royalty on hardrock mining, which would significantly alter the U.S. Mining Act of 1872.


Designing A Public School Choice Program that Can Pay For Itself

by Judy M. Cresanta

This study proposes an educational choice program for Nevada.


From Moynihan to "My Goodness"

by Mitch Pearlstein, Ph.D.

Dr. Pearlstein examines the question "What are the dimensions and consequences of contemporary family change in the United States?"


Hardrock Mining Royalty Issues

by John Dobra, Ph.D.

Senate testimony of Dr. Dobra on a proposed 8 percent royalty on mining.


Health Care: History, Hype and Help

by Edward Annis, Ph.D., William Goodman, Ph.D., Robert E. Bauman, and Merrill Matthews, Jr., Ph.D.

This report details the findings NPRI obtained during its Statewide Health Care Summit held in May of 1994.


The Instruction Gap

by Judy M. Cresanta

A 10-year economic study of education spending in Nevada demonstrating how a major priority shift from instruction to administration, benefits and loan interest payments created an education gap of over $80 million.


Mapping the Maze of SIIS

by Lynn B. Grandlund

A study demonstrating the inextricable link between health care reform and reform of the Nevada State Industrial Insurance System.


Nevada Education: Laying the Groundwork

by Lezlie Porter

This study outlines major problem areas of Nevada education and recommends reform measures.


Nevada’s Health

by Judy M. Cresanta and Jill B. Lude

An outline of health care problems facing Nevada, including a proposal to expand health care access for all residents.


Nevada Medicaid: Constructive Reform of the State System

by James R. Cantwell, with research by Michael Armitage

This study suggests additions to the governor’s state Medicaid reforms which could produce significant savings.


Newlands Reclamation Project Water Rights: A Personal Property Issue

by Ernest C. Schank

This study examines Nevada’s current water wars from the perspective of private property rights.


Restoring School Board Options in Contracting Out

by Myron Lieberman, Ph.D.

This paper suggests ways to empower school boards through fiscally-responsible decisions unfettered by bureaucratic encumbrances.


Social Security and Privatization: Possible with "Mediscare" Out of the Way

by Rick Henderson

This study advocates rapid privatization of the ailing Social Security system.


Term Limits Outlook

by Kris W. Kobach

This study places term limits in historical perspective by tracing the campaigns that brought about the adoption of the Seventeenth and Nineteenth Amendments.


That’s No White Man, That’s My Husband: The Case Against Strong Affirmative Action

by Frank Beckwith, Ph.D.

A humorous title on a serious subject, Dr. Beckwith explores types of affirmative action programs and analyses the issue from an ethical perpsective.


What’s New in Nevada Schools: A Case Study: Jacobson Elementary School

by Susan Balkenbush

An examination of a Nevada school that sought solutions to the problems of "at risk" students, decisions and their ultimate impact on mainstream society.


Who Pays? The Burden of Environmental Cleanup and Pollution Control

by Debra W. Struhsacker

This study documents the inequities in both Superfund and the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) which have led to billions in litigation expenses.


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