Volume 5,  Number 7 • July, 1997

Cover Story
Right-to-Work Under Siege

Few public issues are associated with more political posturing than the so-called right-to-work laws. These statutes, in 21 states, deny Big Labor the unfair practice of compulsory union membership. Contributing Editor D. Dowd Muska takes a look at what those laws have meant for workers, and notes that Nevada Attorney General Frankie Sue Del Papa appears to be on the side of labor bosses on this ongoing issue. [the article]


More U.N. Interference
In Land Use Regulations

Following last month's study of United Nations World Heritage sites in the United States, Managing Editor Erica Olsen discovers an even bigger U.N. program of land control in the U.S.—the establishment of 47 Biosphere Reserves. [the article]

Popular Environmental Myths, Part I

NPRI gathers together the facts on six popular environmental myths—Resource Depletion, Overpopulation, Global Warming, Ozone Dpletion, Declining Air Quality and Potential Food Shortages—and, mind you, this is only Part I. [the article]

Is Nevada Really a
High-Tax State?

Few unsubstantiated claims are heard more often than Carson City's boast that Nevada is a low-tax state, but in truth Nevada is a high-tax state, reports NPRI Senior Research Fellow Ralph Heller. ....[the article]

Official English Does Not Mean Discrimination

Able NPRI Business Manager Marilyn Medina is a native of the Philippines and thinks that establishing English as our official language is a sensible thing to do. [the article]


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