An NPRI Radio Commentary

Whatever happened to the Counterculture?


ell, the President has found a new issue to weigh in on. In his latest comments regarding American culture, the President lashed out at the fashion industry for its allegedly glamorous portrayal of heroin users. As is most often the case, the President is a lagging critic of this particular cultural development; others called the heroin chic look into question long ago. But anyway, here’s what our deep-thinking Commander in Chief had to say: "The glorification of heroin is not creative, it’s destructive. It’s not beautiful, it’s ugly. And this is not about art, it’s about life and death. And glorifying death is not good for society."

This from a man who once joked on MTV that he wished he really had inhaled, after all. So if the heroin look doesn’t meet with Presidential approval, does he think Deadhead, pot-smoking fashions are acceptable? That’s reducing it to the absurd of course, but the President’s comments really do expose the depths to which old-style liberals have been co-opted by traditional family values. There was a time when liberals could be counted on to defend anything in our culture—drugs, abortion, pornography, anything. Hey, if it feels good, do it, right? Why conform to those oppressive societal constraints? They just drag you down, man. But the baby boomers that now, unfortunately, control much of our government have had second thoughts.

Anything-goes living, it seems, doesn’t produce a society worth living in. And whereas they once denounced the values of their parents, they now lecture us on things like the "coarsening of our culture." Boy, liberals used to be a lot more fun. u


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