It pays to be an "education advocate"

by NPRI staff

n a speech before the National Press Club in February, National Education Association Vice President Robert Chase unveiled a "new unionism" in which a greater emphasis would be placed on better teachers, better students and better schools. The question of whether Chase's new unionism will actually come to pass is academic, because apparently the old unionism continues to pay very well indeed.

Chase has decried the fact that in 1995-96, the average teacher salary in the United States was $37,685. The value of benefits accounted for approximately $10,200 more. For the same period the average cash compensation to a member of the NEA staff in Washington, D.C. was $70,780 with an additional $26,230 in benefits. This amounts to a total package of $97,010.

Of the 587 people employed by the NEA last year, 130 (22 percent) recieved more than $100,000 in salary and allowances alone. Exactly 511 NEA staffers (86 percent) made more than the average teacher. Listed below are the top 10 NEA wage earners for 1995-96. These figures include salary, "fringe benefit allowance," living allowances, companion travel and other taxable stipends. They do not include benefits such as medical, dental, retirement, life insurance or other payments not made directly to the employee.

These annualized figures may even be understated because, for ease of computation, the Education Intelligence Agency has assumed that all 597 employees worked full-time for the entire year. Here are the top 10 salaries. All numbers are rounded to the nearest hundred:

Keith Geiger, president

Robert Chase, vice president

Marilyn Monahan, treasurer

Don Cameron, executive director

Mary Elizabeth Teasley, director

Kenneth Melley, executive director for programs

Daniel McKillip, regional director

Tony Rollins, assistant executive director

Eugene Dryer, regional director

Earl Jones, director











evada State Education Association staffers are not doing too badly either, compared to the average Nevada teacher salary of $36,167. Following are 1996-97 salaries of the top 10 NSEA staff members, as taken from its own "Staffing Cost Worksheet." These figures include salary, taxes, travel expense allowance, retirement and health, life and auto insurance:

Ken Lange, executive director

Dick Wilson, deputy executive director

John Jasonek, assistant executive director

Debbie Cahill, assistant executive director

Karen Wilson, assistant executive director

Fran Juhasz, ESEA executive director

Randy Cahill, organization specialist

Al Bellister, organization specialist (lobbyist)

Joe Furtado, organization specialist

Robert Stephens, ESEA organization specialist













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