Volume 5,  Number 8 • August 1997

Cover Story
MSAs: An Alternative to
High-Cost Medical Care

MEDICAL SAVINGS ACCOUNTS have long been recognized as promising alternatives to traditional medical insurance coverage and HMOs, but disturbingly few companies and individuals have sought to give this innovation a try, despite the fact that MSAs are functioning perfectly at sites from businesses like Forbes, Inc. to city-states like Singapore.

Well-known Nevada obstetrician/gynecologist Lexey Parker, M.D., explains exactly how MSAs work and provides two case studies of MSAs that are working perfectly for everyone involved. [the article]

It Pays to be an "Education Advocate"

A list of top NEA and NSEA salaries compiled by the NPRI staff may make you, too, want to become a teachers' union official. [the article]

Spiked "Donorgate" Stories

Contributing Editor D. Dowd Muska reveals a few of this year's scandal stories reported in the print media but mysteriously missed by the television news programs. [the article]

Part II
Popular Environmental Myths

Continuing with last month's centerfold article, NPRI this month gathers together the facts concerning six more myths, and wonders if liberals are correct in calling the Industrial Revolution a mistake. [the article]

Nevada's Legislators
Show Us They Can Do
What Pols Do Best

Raising government employee salaries is what politicans do best and the 1997 Nevada Legislature raised lots of them, reports NPRI Senior Research Fellow Ralph Heller, who also provides a handy list of 66 state jobs that now pay over $75,000 a year, not counting benefits, of course ....[more]


   State employees whose
salaries now exceed


   Some post-legislative

Pen & Quill
   A.G. Responds
 Alien loophole

Rural Wrap
Our law-ignoring

  NEA staff salaries

Inadvertent Humor
  Welfare applications
School excuses

Radio Comment
One-room Schools Rock
Oregon Opts Out

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