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Volume 5,  Number 9 • September, 1997

Cover Story
What Really Happened
To the Charter School Bill?

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NEVER MIND that the concept of charter schools has already been pronounced a resounding success in California, Georgia, Minnesota, Massachusetts and elsewhere, reports Nevada Journal Managing Editor Erica Olsen. In Nevada the politically powerful NSEA wanted nothing to do with such a promising idea and found exactly the right Assembly committee chairman to dilute the effectiveness of a charter school bill introduced in the Senate.... [the article]

Will Our Rivers Be Up for Grabs?

NOT ONLY did this year's "American Heritage Rivers Initiative" slip very quietly into the public agenda, reports Contributing Editor D. Dowd Muska, but it poses a serious threat of even greater federal land use restrictions. [the article]

The 1990s: A Political "Twilight Zone"
that Makes No Sense

The rich have been getting richer and the poor poorer, reports NPRI Senior Research Fellow Ralph Heller, who spells out several of the most significant economic and sociological changes of recent years in American life and wonders if we're really on the right track.. [the article]

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How Federal Regulations are Destroying
Small Mining Companies


Things Aren't
Quite What
They Seem

"I used to believe that there was a green stick, buried on the edge of a ravine in the old Zakaz forest at Yasnaya Polyana, on which words were carved that would destroy all the evil in the hearts of men and bring them everything good."
-- Count Leo Tolstoy

THE OPERATIVE phrase in that Tolstoy quotation is, obviously, "I used to believe." We all "used to believe" a lot of things, of course—about the presumed benevolence of government, about the selfless "public service" aspect of public employment, even about the unselfishness of public school teachers. Ultimately, we shed our childlike assumptions, sadly, and—like Tolstoy—find ourselves facing reality bearing little likeness to what we "used to believe." ....[more]


   Things aren't quite
what  they seme

Pen & Quill
   The NGA, the Right to
Bear Arms, Clinton at
Tahoe, and an Official
State Nut

Rural Wrap
Trashing the Federal
Government's Plans

Radio Comment
Nightmare CAFE
See, I Told You So

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