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Volume 5,  Number 10 • October, 1997

Cover Story
A Mother-Lode of Arrogance

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IT'S NOT EVERYDAY that U.S. marshals serve a subpoena to the Secretary of the Interior, reports Contributing Editor D. Dowd Muska, but it seems that the Bureau of Land Managment, in the middle of the game, had changed the rules to which mining companies must adhere. Then it "neglected" to inform Congress, leaving certain members of the House of Representatives almost as unhappy with the government as their constituents. [the article]

Just Part of Doing Business
with the Government ... or the Mob

IT TURNS OUT that a grand jury -- after an investigation -- didn’t think much more of certain departments of state government than you do, writes Elko Daily Free Press Editorial Page Editor Dan Steninger. [the article]

Face Off at the Nevada Legislature

ASSEMBLYMAN Pat Hickey provides an insider’s view of the Nevada legislative process and suggests a few constructive changes. [the article]

The Crushing Federal Handout

FROM FINANCIAL mismanagement of our National Parks to the even less responsible management of the environmental Superfund, Managing Editor Erica Olsen concludes that Uncle Sam is not the efficient, responsible money manager he’d like you to think he is. [the article]

Problems of a

IT WAS ONLY a few weeks ago that I overheard a couple of youngsters squabbling. Finally one of them, summoning up all the verbal gibberish he could remember after watching 827,431 hours of television, shouted at the other one:
    "If you DARE to WEAVE in and out of traffic, or SLAPP a SAINT, or CRASH into my DAD or some other CHAP, or try to HALT local COPPS ...


   An Urban State Just
"Blooming with Atoms"

Pen & Quill
  Coyote Vans to Vegas;
What Clark Sales Tax
Would Really Mean

Rural Wrap
Just Part of Doing

Radio Comment
Violent Eco-Nuts
Casinos and Smoking


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Tyrants Take a
High-Court Hit


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