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Volume 5,  Number 11 • November, 1997

Cover Story
Would-Be Tyrants
Take a High Court Hit

Two Sheriffs, Several Doctors and a Bishop

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COULD the U.S. Supreme Court’s deference to seemingly unending expansion of power in Washington be coming to an end? Las Vegas attorney Edward Hanigan cites majority rulings in three recent cases suggesting a belated willingness on the part of the Court to limit not only the powers of Congress but even the Court’s own power to "create" new rights. A sidebar story offers a brief history of constitutional interpretation in the United States. [the cover story]   [the sidebar]

CONTRIBUTING Editor Steve Miller takes a look at the evidence to support global warming presented by today’s environmental zealots, and finds considerably less than meets the eye. [the article]

For That Kind of Chicken Feed, We'd Have Told State Regulators to Shove Off

ELKO Daily Free Press Editorial Page Editor Dan Steninger has discovered that if a mining company gets caught breaking a certain law it costs $25,000, but that if the company voluntarily confesses its sin the fine gets reduced to $23,500, and wonders if such regulatory nonsense isn’t a sign of insanity. [the article]

the Way Things Weren't

PRESIDENT Clinton enjoys telling civil rights activists that he remembers several black churches in Arkansas being burned during his boyhood ... [more]


   Remembering the Way
Things Weren't"

Pen & Quill
  Public Employees'
Clark Sales Tax Idea
Has a Bad Smell

Rural Wrap
Chicken Feed...

Radio Comment
Republicans in Reno
Throw Away the Key

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Unsettling the West:
Sen. Reid, Interior Turn Nevada Farms into Desert

Changing the Ground Rules

Absolutely nobody is happy with the present state of public education in the U.S. and Nevada University Regent Mark Laden suggests that it’s time to change the rules. [the article]

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