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Volume 5,  Number 12 • December, 1997

Cover Story
Sen. Reid, Interior Turn
Nevada Farms into Desert

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IS NEVADA U.S. SENATOR Harry Reid's Public Law 101-618 a wedge with which Uncle Sam can subvert water law all over the American West? Contributing Editor Steve Miller gives NPRI readers a detailed analysis of where today’s water wars are leading us.  [the article]

State Plans to Boost Phone Rates, Taxes in One Swoop

Elko Daily Free Press Editorial Page Editor Dan Steninger takes a look at what deregulation of phone service really means for telephone users.  [the article]

Nevada Forecast: Potential Impacts
of the Global Warming Treaty

In all the heated talk about global warming, we’re never told exactly what the proposed treaty might actually cost us. In this month’s centerfold, Managing Editor Erica Olsen fills a few of the information gaps.  [the article]

Voter Security: A Right
Precariously Balanced

Voter Integrity Project member Nannette Moffett reports that electronic voting and mail-in ballots simply contribute to increasingly widespread voter fraud.  [the article]

Where We’ve Been and
Where We’re Going

It has been a long time since DeTocqueville described the majority of U.S. citizens as "Anglo-Americans," reports Senior Consulting Editor Ralph Heller in a review of the best analysis of the 1990 Census published to date.   [the review]

 It's Time
to Stop Playing
"Cops & Robbers"

Every man who remembers his boyhood knows that playing "Cops and Robbers" was great fun. Together with "Cowboys and Indians" and other such games, it enabled little boys to divide the world neatly and conveniently... [more]


   It's Time to Stop
Playing "Cops &

Pen & Quill
  Laziness or Bias?
Kangaroo Court

Rural Wrap
State Plans to Boost
Phone Rates, Taxes

Radio Comment
Packin' Heat
Don't Light Up My Life

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Sneaking in by the back door:
Hillary's Kidcare Entitlement

Opting Out of Social Security

Randall Pozdena, Ph.D., shows us why Washington’s Social Security program is looking less and less attractive to more and more people, and what the State of Oregon has decided to do about it. [the article]

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