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Volume 6,  Number 1 • January, 1998

Cover Story
The Kidcare Entitlement --
Coming via the Backroads

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CHANCES ARE you've read little or nothing about the "KidCare" which was slipped into the 1997 Federal Budget Agreement when nobody was looking -- no more than you have read about "Nevada Check-Up," Nevada’s program to insure uninsured children which surfaced before "KidCare" but, mysteriously, in anticipation of the federal program. Managing Editor Erica Olsen undertook the investigation of this undemocratic exercise today’s newspaper reporters no longer seem capable of undertaking, and provides a helpful review of the options actually available to governors and legislators really interested in the welfare of children.  [the article]

Secret Use of Tax Dollars
to Lobby for Tax Increases

Government is very eager to regulate all lobbyists -- except, of course, those who do their lobbying with our tax dollars, explains Elko Daily Free Press Editorial Page Editor Dan Steninger. Dan demonstrates why he is the most widely quoted newspaper editorial writer in Nevada.  [the article]

Ten Years of Educational 'Reform'
-- The Dismal Track Record

In last month’s issue Nevada Journal promised you a report on "Nevada’s Long Educational Journey to Nowhere" and here it is. Reviewed are all educational measures coming out of Carson City since 1986, their current status and what they have or haven’t accomplished.  [the article]

The Wonderously Exacting Standards
Of Yesteryear

AN OFFICIAL teachers’ licensing examination from a century ago surfaced recently and is generating considerable commentary — although not among teacher union officials, understandably. Among NEA officials the less said about yesterday’s high educational standards the better, of course, but a look at the old test is illuminating. Let’s begin with a fairly typical question from the exam...   [the article]


   Is It True That the
   More Things Change,
   the More They Stay
   the Same?

Pen & Quill
  Dear Abby
   Violinist Gets
   Out the Violin

Rural Wrap
Using Tax Dollars
    to Lobby for Tax

Radio Comment
   500 New Regs a Month
   Growth Spurts

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