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Volume 6,  Number 2 • February, 1998

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Cover Story
Scalping Science

Few things more clearly underscore today’s disturbing determination to subordinate truth to some political agenda than the ongoing dispute over Nevada’s own "Spirit Cave Mummy." Contributing Editor D. Dowd Muska discovered that some Indians and politicians will go to almost any extreme to preserve fanciful myths at the expense of historicity and truth.  [the article]

Other People’s Property

In his customary manner, popular Elko Daily Free Press Editorial Page Editor Dan Steninger reports on what property rights really mean these days—which isn’t much.   [the article]

Anti-Smoking Zealots May
Snuff Out the Rule of Law

NPRI welcomes Linda Gorman, Senior Fellow at the Independence Institute in Golden Colorado, to separate fact from fiction about smoking in todays’ atmosphere of political correctness.are being taken for a ride.  [the article]

Government Accountability
Suffers at Incline Village

The surrender of representative government to an unaccountable bureaucracy does not happen only in far-away places like Washington and Carson City, according to Incline Village resident David Strongin.   [the article]

A Fight From the Start:
Right to Work in Nevada

NPRI begins a new monthly feature, "Power and Privilege," with the history of Nevada’s right-to-work law by Larry Litchfield of the Southern Nevada Chapter of the Associated Builders and Contractors.    [the article]

Information Our Government Apologists Don't Want You to Have

    The sort of comparative tax information all taxpayers are entitled to and invariably find fascinating is so readily available that the absence of such information in the daily press raises serious questions about whether today’s newspapers primarily represent you or government....   [the article]

Highlights: 1997
Education Bills

   Here’s a follow-up to last issue’s Ten Years of Educational 'Reform' -- The Dismal Track Record.
    Hopefully the 1997 Legislature's efforts will be more successful in fixing Nevada’s below-average education system than the bills of the last decade.


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Pen & Quill
  Recidivist Liberal
   Feds' Child Care

Rural Wrap
Other People's Property

Radio Comment
   5wedish Sterilization
   The Evil of Two Lessers


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