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Volume 6,  Number 3 • March, 1998

Cover Story
Justice for Working People?

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Did the Las Vegas MGM Grand’s 1996 change of heart with regard to the Culinary Union have anything to do with the gaming license it acquired the following year in Detroit, the nation's most union-dominated city in the nation? Managing Editor Erica Olsen looks into this and much more, while telling the story of recent union organizing activity in Las Vegas  [the article]

Telling the Good Guys
from the Bad

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has many divisions -- but they all seem dedicated to getting moronically into areas the bureaucrats know nothing about and spending taxpayers' money to expand the Federal Empire.  This time it's ... commercial hotels?  Dan Steninger, Elko Daily Free Press Editorial Page Editor, tells the tale.  [the article]

Will the Senate Protect
U.S. Land Sovereignty?

No less than 68 percent of U.S. national park land is now included in the United Nation’s Man in the Biosphere program and 21 so-called World Heritage Sites, reports American Policy Center President Tom DeWeese who also tells readers of a congressional measure designed to safeguard U.S. sovereignty over its own park lands against the designs of bureaucrts both in Washington and at the United Nations.   [the article]

How do the Left and
the Right Compare?

Economics America has published two eye-opening guides, The Left Guide and The Right Guide, from which such comparative information as contributions, money for lobbying and even organizational salaries can be gathered and the guides indicate that leftists are thriving in the capitalist society they keep undermining.   [the article]

Who Gets All
That Tax Money?

More than a few readers were startled to learn from last month’s Nevada Journal that Nevadans are now plagued with the seventh highest "per capita state and local tax burden" to be found among the 50 states ....   [morey]


   Looking for Character
    in an Unlikely Place

Pen & Quill
  An Argument for Sex Ed
  Response to Mausert

Rural Wrap
Telling the Good Guys
     from the Bad

Radio Comment
   Hippies Discover
    Property Rights
    Americans Don't
    Prefer Preferences

Who Really Establishes Education Policy?

A survey of education professors reveals that only 12 percent of them think   discipline is an important educational consideration, which tells a lot about why public education standards have declined over recent decades.   NPRI President Judy Cresanta puts educators where they belong -- in the dock for examination.   [the article]

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The Federal Government Tries to Put Nevada History Down Orwell's Memory Hole

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