An Argument for sex ed

Dear Editor,

Your recent article on education in the January issue of Nevada Journal was most enlightening. It would be interesting to learn the percentage of any level of teachers that would obtain the passing grade of 85 percent.

The reason for this letter is the analogy between sex education and stealing. Now we know stealing can be a felony and if one is caught and proven guilty a sentence will follow.

On the other hand, if the kids have consensual sex is there a crime committed? My point—abstinence is the ideal, but if their choice is sex isn’t an education in safe sex better than none at all?

Irene Huff
Las Vegas, Nevada

Response to Mausert

Dear Editor:

Following is a response to Mark Mausert’s letter to the editor last month:

You may have thought that your banter in the recent letter to NPRI was cocktail party clever. I found the stereotypes to be silly and offensive.

To equate sexual harassment with political affiliation raises serious questions regarding your professional ethics, not to mention the obvious hypocrisy. Methinks your marketing skills are also less than superb. Don’t expect any case referrals from me.

Arthur E. Hall
Minden, Nevada


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