Good to Hear the
Voices of Working People

Dear NPRI,

It was exciting to read (in last month’s issue) actual statements by casino workers in your article about unions in Nevada. Usually we hear what union leaders have to say—and sometimes what casino owners and managers think—but somehow the voices of the actual working people get skipped over.

Name withheld on request
Las Vegas, Nevada

Russo Has An Important Point

Dear NPRI,

Candidate for governor Aaron Russo has promised that if elected he’ll reduce automobile registration fees to no more than $35 for each car. Your February report on the tax obligations of citizens in all 50 states makes clear how important it is that Mr. Russo’s promise be seriously considered by Mr. Guinn, Mr. Neal and any other candidates for governor. Taxes in Nevada are sky high and I’m now paying over $150 to register a car which I used to register for less than $45 in the state where I used to live. Everything costs more in Nevada because of high taxes—gasoline, furniture, even lunch at McDonald’s. Should we really be taxing things like take-out food and insurance? I wish the press would tell everybody the truth about Nevada’s taxes.

Eugene Manvel
Reno, Nevada


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