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A-55 A-OK

prime example of free-market environmentalism exists right here in the Silver State. It’s an excellent illustration of the profit motive helping—not hurting—the environment. A-55 Clean Fuels of Reno is getting ready to start selling its product to a wider market, such as trucking companies, public transit agencies, and utilities. A-55 is a unique new way to power engines—30 percent of it is water.

Rudolph Gunnerman, a Reno inventor, created the fuel 10 years ago, and since that time he’s been hard at work, developing his discovery and having it verified by independent testing agencies. A-55 is already being used by a few customers, including the Washoe County School District. There have been some glitches here and there—that’s to be expected—but overall, school buses perform better using A-55. The price of the fuel will not be higher than diesel, and the modifications that must be made to engines before they can utilize A-55 aren’t extensive at all. So more and more businesses are signing up to make use of Gunnerman’s remarkable substance.

Mike Applegate, the owner of a trucking company in Sacramento, is eager to convert his trucks to A-55. It’s cheaper than liquid natural gas, and according to Applegate, A-55 sends a message to Al Gore and his allies—a message about the beneficial environmental aspects of private enterprise. In Applegate’s words, "I’m running this alternative fuel so I can demonstrate to the bureaucrats that are attempting to regulate the trucking industry’s use of engines and fuels that I don’t need them to be innovative." Amen. u


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