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Volume 6,  Number 5 • May, 1998

Cover Article
The Supreme Court upholds UNR's racial spoil system

A counter-productive educational policy haunts in Nevada's university system

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by D. Dowd Muska

In recent years the nation’s multi-layered system of racial preferences has suffered setback after setback.
Polls, which once indicated support for policies intended to redress past racial injustice, now show Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to granting preferential treatment to individuals based solely on their race.   [more]

Are we teaching American citizens
or training
Prussian serfs?

From a speech by Senator Ann O'Connell

adapted by Diane Alden

How do we Americans begin to understand the problems we are experiencing today with our educational community and with our system of education? Oddly enough, the answer to this and other perplexing questions regarding education go back in history to Napoleon’s defeat of the Prussian army in 1806. Because of the Prussian failure to defeat Napoleon, Germany took a long hard look at its institutions—primarily its school system. This introspection led to the conclusion that Prussian pride and power could only be restored by restructuring that system. [more]

Is democracy inside Nevada's political parties getting battered?

by Steve Miller

Here in Nevada there’s often a distinct tension between people in the political parties who have the ideological energy, and those have control of the state organizations.  [the article]

In other states
The Quincy Library Affair

by Tim Fitzgerald

The small mill town of Quincy, California, is at the center of a tempestuous national debate over who should control management of federal land. Named for its unassuming meeting place, the Quincy Library Group is a community coalition that includes local environmentalists and timber industry representatives. The group has developed a management plan for the nearby Plumas and Lassen National Forests, which it is now pressing Congress to approve.  [the article]


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"Sport" the very least of a firearm's value

Recent events shine the spotlight on those clamoring for gun control; and the added light shows the futility and counter productivity of their efforts.   [more]

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"Truth is not concerned with how many it persuades"

It was on the eve of our time that a Russian writer, Stefan Trofimovitch, saw with rare clarity the dilemma that would most likely haunt much of the 20th Century: [more]


   Coming to grips
   with Government's
    diversity fetish

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"Sport" the very
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Regulations: sacrificing sanity for political correctness

by Judy Cresanta  

When a law is passed in Congress or at the state level and signed by the President or a governor a process begins which many are not aware of… a process which sometimes perverts the intent of the original bill and in some extreme cases changes the bill altogether.

[the article]

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