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Volume 6,  Number 5 • June, 1998

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Open Season on
the Open Shop

State Regulators Cavort
on Big Labor's String

When an agency of the State of Nevada wants to please one of the state’s unions, reports Managing Editor Steve Miller, the agency doesn’t let truth or facts stand in its way.   [more]

Cowboys and Soccer Moms

Americans Who Need Each Other

When it comes to agricultural products, could the United States become a net-importer rather than a net-exporter in 60 years? Possibly so, laments Contributing Editor Diane Alden, who says that "soccer moms" and cowboys have more common interests than they realize.    [more]

A 'Mighty Coincidence'
172 Years Ago

Exactly how NPRI Senior Research Fellow Ralph Heller managed to extract this report of July 4, 1826 from the grateful memory of mankind hasn’t been explained.   [the article]

A Decade of Federal
Education Legislation

NPRI is indebted to Congressman Henry Hyde of Illinois for a chronological list of congressional attempts to meddle in education, sometimes successfully and sometimes not.   [the article]

The Year 2000 Chips?
Or, Why 2K?

The Department of Defense will be ready to handle the anticipated computer Year 2000 meltdown by the year 2009, reports Research Analyst Lynn Harsh of the Evergreen Freedom Foundation.

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Del Papa Loses Bid for Mob Rule

In another blow to the War on Drugs, the dope-smoking lobby has beaten Nevada’s "top lawyer," Attorney General Frankie Sue Del Papa, in a court of law. We’ll leave it up to readers to decide whether this turn of events is a commentary on the Propaganda Ministry’s warnings about the damage marijuana does to one’s mind; or the legal abilities of Del Papa. ....   [more]

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Thy Name is Arrogance

Certain personalities have come to personify the arrogance we increasingly associate with today’s government—like Washington, D.C. Mayor Marion Barry, for example, who earlier this year boasted of his city’s falling crime rate: "Outside of the killings, Washington has one of the lowest crime rates in the country."   [more]


  Kofi Wants Your Guns
  FIT to help Women

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