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FIT to Help Women

nyone who thinks average Nevadans aren’t willing to lend a hand to those in the underclass hasn’t heard about the Foundation for an Independent Tomorrow.

FIT is the brainchild of a number of women in Las Vegas—professionals who seek to assist former welfare recipients who are trying to break the cycle of dependency.

Although the organization is not gender-exclusive, it will aim its efforts at women who are about to take a step up from low-paying jobs. Most "workfare" programs are justifiably aimed at providing jobs for the relatively uneducated and largely unskilled. Thus, FIT’s mission is vital—they’ll help recipients who are already working find a way to earn a higher wage at a more interesting job. They plan to stay with a woman for 16 months, assisting her with everything from wardrobe choices to transportation, child care to banking. Perhaps the wisest decision FIT’s organizers have made is to stay nonpolitical. By focusing all their energy on helping women, they’ll avoid being bogged down in criticizing or defending the welfare system.

Better yet, the organization is funded entirely by private donations. It receives no public funds—no government money means no government strings, and thus the organization will be able to make up its own rules, unencumbered by social service bureaucrats.

Hopefully FIT will establish itself in Las Vegas and quickly spread to smaller communities throughout Nevada. Its brand of creative—and no doubt, effective—charity will surpass anything offered by government agencies. u


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