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Volume 6,  Number 7 • July, 1998

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Cover Story
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Public Employment in Nevada

Believe it or not, bureaucrats are not a 20th century contrivance. Bygone bureaucracies were actually responsible to someone. NPRI Senior Research Fellow Ralph Heller brings you up from antiquity to the present, making it poignantly clear that power in the hands of today's government servants is too often unchecked by the media or by you. [the article]

Spam be dammed

Who in the world likes junk e-mail? Contributing Editor D. Dowd. Muska suggests we don't do what the Nevada Legislature tried -- dumping the First Amendment along with the spam. Trust the marketplace, advises  D. Dowd. [the article]  

Religious freedom
in the next millennium

Who in the world opposes religious freedom? Just a few antiquated Stalinist regimes? Upon returning from two conferences in Tokyo and Berlin, Editor Pat Hickey questions whether Americans are taking their freedom reigiously enough.  [the article]


 Power and privilege
The label "union thug" is so common- place we'll probably see it on Jeopardy. What you probably didn't know is how the term "rat world" is applied to hard- working construction folks in Las Vegas who choose to work for non-union contractors. Managing Editor Steven Miller acquaints you with a whole new world of terminology and tactics - compliments of the union movement.

Bill of Rights
From Elko, Great Basin College economics professor Glen Tenney debunks the myth that handgun controls will do anything other than hand guns over to criminals.

Publisher's Page
New Editor Pat Hickey gives you an intro to himself and a glimpse of things to come. 

Diane Alden is back with wit, wisdom, and more quotes. 

Great Speeches
William Faulkner hardly ever gave a speech, but he is remembered for this one.  

Americans understand that our students are not making the grade, nationally or internationally. An investigative look by Washington Times writer Carol Innerst reveals how the nation's teachers are not being adequately schooled. wisdom, and more quotes.     

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Miller pulls out old standard in opposition to nuke dump

Scoring zero points for originality, Governor Bob Miller has announced a new approach in the fight to keep the nation’s nuclear testing ground pristine.
 Miller recently explained that the effort to dispose of the waste from the nation’s nuclear power plants in the Nevada desert should be abandoned because it was going to cost a lot more than originally planned. ....[more]

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An 18th Century Champion of
Personal Privacy

More than a little alarmed by everything from so-called asset forfeiture laws to judicial insistence on seeing what former Senator Bob Packwood had written in his personal, private diaries, today's Americans wonder just how far government should be permitted to go in violating personal privacy.  [more]

Arts, Books
& Culture

Truth, Myth and
the American Indian

Killing the White Man's Indian, by Fergus Bordewich, lays waste to today's politically correct mythology and helps us truly see the first Americans. A review by Contributing Editor Diane Alden analyzes a seminal modern work on the American Indian. [the article]

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