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Volume 6,  Number 8 • August,  1998

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Cover Story
Dos Caminos:
Two Roads
evada's new Latino immigrants, with their strong family values and solid work ethic, bring much to the American table, notes contributing editor Diane Alden. But do they want to join immigrant groups of the past and actually sit at that table? [the article]

Ride Free or Die
he Nanny State loves them. That's reason enough to hate mandatory helmet laws, but contributing editor D. Dowd Muska reports that simple common sense backs up those who wish to ride helmet-free. [the article]

A Covert Presidential
Attack on Federalism

eritage Foundation scholar Adam D. Thierer warns that with each new executive order issued by Bill Clinton, Americans lose more of their constitutional rights. [the article]

Business People: Armchair
Critics on Education?

PRI intern Molly Conkin explains why Elaine Wynn just doesn't get it when it comes to education reform. The private sector isn't the enemy of education -- government is.  Elaine, call your office. [the article] 

Publisher's Page
Look how far we’ve come—or not come, according to NPRI President Judy Cresanta.

Power and privilege
Managing Editor Steven Miller offers his take on the failed NEA-AFT merger and workers’ continued resistance to the union-boss agenda in Southern Nevada.

Voice of the People/Nuggets
Letters, plus Mel Brooks, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and other noted wags on statism. Some other neat stuff, too.

Citizen activist Lois Gross documents what’s wrong with Clark County’s voting machines, and why Nevadans outside of Glitzville should care.

Health Care
Dr. Jane Orient offers disturbing evidence that inch by inch, America is being force-fed HillaryCare. Turn your head and cough.

Could Nevada’s media be getting stupider? Yes, according to Editor Pat Hickey. Why polling data is in the eye of the beholder.

Bill of Rights
The Independence Institute’s Diane Nicholl and Dave Kopel engage in a little myth-busting about "semi-automatic" weapons.

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Two Competing Interests in Electricity Deregulation

Proving that pro-government extremists cannot be reformed and must be removed like a leach from a swimmer's leg, state regulators greeted  the news of the big merger between Sierra Pacific and Nevada Power with the qualification that it will go through only if the state determines the deal to be "in the public interest."
    The merger is in response to the coming deregulation of the electrical power industry. If history should turn out to be a guide, this nation's .
.. [more]

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What Would Vincent van Gogh Have Thought of Taxing the Deaf?

Of all the artists represented in casino mogul Steve Wynn's collection -- Picasso, Gaugin, Monet, Cezanne, Matisse, Renoir, van Gogh and others -- the most  fascinating in many ways is Vincent van Gogh. A Nevadan more knowledgeable about art than a typical state legislator might  wonder what van Gogh would think of giving Steve Wynn a huge tax break for his art collection while at the same time refusing to grant the deaf a sales tax exemption for hearing aids .... [more]

Arts, Books
& Culture

Those Dirty Rotten Taxes: The Tax Revolts That Built America

Charles Adams Those Dirty Rotten Taxes is a walk through the hidden history of Americans' resistance to tyrannical taxation. [the review]


Is Nevada's
for Real?

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