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Volume 6,  Number 9 • September,  1998

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Cover Story
on Gambling

veryone knows Nevada's economy badly needs diversification, but after decades little has changed. Managing Editor Steven Miller reports indifference in the Governor's office and resistance in the casino industry. [the article]

The Camel
he nation's highly regulated health care system could use a strong dose of reform... Diane Alden explains why more regulation will just make things worse.   [the article]

The PETA Principle
hat's wrong with being human? Plenty, according to an increasing number of Nevadans. D. Dowd Muska takes a walk through the jungle of animal rights extremism, and lives to tell the tale.   [the article]

Open Meeting
efore she heads east for another year in academia, Molly Conkin weights in on why Nevada's open meeting law is a joke.   [the article] 


Publisher's Page
Ralph Heller
finds nonsense in a Southern Nevada business journal and introduces this month's articles.

Joe Dini vs. reality, a Nevada legislator who has mixed reactions to NPRI, and a Las Vegan on the dangers of asset forfeiture.

Citizen activist Lois Gross tells you 20 or so possible ways your freedom can be lost at the voting booth.

Power and privilege
Ralph Heller
with the skinny on teacher's salaries--information the NEA doesn't want you to know. Complete with state-by-state comparisons.

Liberalism's influence kick-started American education's slippery slide down the path of lower academic standarts. Editor Pat Hickey reviews ways higher standarts can be regained.

Judy Cresanta offers an update on NPRI's national radio commentaries, a new face around the office, and Bill Maher's upcoming trip to Sin City.

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The Trouble
with Harry

n an embarrasing series of trips and stumbles, Sen. Harry Reid ended up voting with the losing side on a measure to scrap the tax code and start over. The measure passed in the House, but was defeated in the Senate with Reid voting for it. (Senator Richard Bryan voted against it.) .....[more]

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Many False

t was in the year 1650 that the Archbishop of Ussher in Dublin solemnly proclaimed that God had made heaven and earth on Saturday, October 22, 4004 b.c. One rarely encounters the charm of such medieval scholasticism in our presumably more rational Age of Reason—except among IRS auditors, of course, and among those who are blinded by irrational, exclusively ideological political agendas..... [more]

Arts, Books & Culture
Dismembering Private Ryan
teven Spielberg's latest anti-war offering leaves more than too many spilled guts on the battlefield. It left reviewer and war-film buff  Diane Alden   wondering about the missing value of sacriffice.    [the review]


Bait and Switch at Tahoe by the U.S. Forest Service   

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