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Volume 6,  Number 10 • October,  1998

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Cover Story
'Only We Can
Prevent You
from Using
the Forest'

Smokey Bear and his Forest Service colleagues have come a long way from their days of putting out fires. Pat Hickey finds both smoke and mirrors when it comes to a land deal the agency brokered and then broke. [the article]

Waiting for the Sun
ohn Travolta isn't the only '70s phenomenon making a comeback. D. Dowd Muska describes the tax-fed solar industy and what a crew of Nevada pols is doing to push this costly and inefficient energy source.   [the article]

Turning a Ceiling into a Roadblock
on't like to pay those property taxes? Steven Miller reports that state of Nevada legal eagles found a way to get you paying taxes you don't even owe. [the article]
Siderbar story: The Widows of Incline 


Publisher's Page
Ralph Heller has discovered what really produced global warming, and offers a preview of this month's features and articles.

Bill of Rights
Third-generation Nevadan and former U.S. Agency for International Development official J.D.Deming writes about life in Australia without any Second Amendment.

Lance Izumi writes that student achievement depends much more on teacher competence than on small classes. Prepare to read well-researched common sense.

Pen and Quill
Readers say Nevada Journal makes a difference, makes sense, and makes the silliness of organizations like PETA clear.


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Nevada High Court OKs
State Police
Bus Seizures

First, the good news: The chief justice of the Nevada Supreme Court has taken a look at what is going on in Winnemucca and he doesn't like what he sees: Interstate buses are being commandeered in Winnemucca by small posses of lawmen (calling themselves Narcotics Task Forces) .... [more]

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The Clouds
Are Gathering

Few things could underscore the changing nature of Nevada's economic climate more dramatically than a pair of charts recently released by the U.S. Department of Commerce .... [more]

Arts, Books & Culture
The "not-in-my -backyard" mindset and the "locally unwanted land uses" syndrome are dissected in Slaying the NIMBY Dragon, by UNLV's Herbert Inhaber.
D. Dowd Muska reviews.
[the review]


Liberty's New Frontier


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