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Each issue of your magazine provides factual information critical to a citizen’s education.

I wonder if your contributors like Ralph Heller realize what a difference they make in our basic knowledge of government, free of the spin.

An example missed by most was the editorial of August 19, 1998 in the Reno Gazette-Journal admitting after six years of Clinton support that they had been duped. What about the rest of the supporting population?

Your magazine and effort is appreciated.

Jim Parker

Humans First!

I just received my September 1998 issue of Nevada Journal and very much enjoyed the article titled "The PETA Principle," by D. Dowd Muska. As a veterinarian responsible for the care and use of research animals in Nevada. I have to deal with the animal rights zealots in our state on almost a daily basis. Thank you for enlightening Nevada Journal readers about the absurdity of the animal rights movement. I for one truly appreciate your efforts.

Richard C. Simmonds
D.V.M., M.S.

Humans First! (#2)

Congratulations are in order to D. Dowd Muska for exposing PETA and other goofy organizations who react on emotion and not on facts. If PETA had their way, it would devastate the economy of Southern Nevada.

They are against fishing at Lake Mead, they are against the rodeo at the Thomas & Mack, they are against all animal acts up and down the strip, they don’t want anyone to own a pet, they don’t want anyone to wear leather shoes, have a leather sofa or leather seats in a car. They don’t even want kids to eat hot dogs, how un-American is that? If PETA were allowed to have their extremist way, it would negatively affect 99 percent of the people in the United States.

Cecil Fredi
President, Hunter's Alert!
Las Vegas

Tinseltown Tribute

Great Article on "Religious Freedom in the Next Millenium" [June issue]. Keep up the good work.

We look forward to more of the written word from you, and are forwarding information to our CEO for a subscription—he’s a great Harley fan.

Our best to you and yours!

Cecil L. "Chip" Murray
Senior Minister
First A.M.E. Church
Los Angeles


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