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Volume 6,  Number 11 • November,  1998

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Cover Story
We Have
No Purpose

One small step for man ... one giant hit for the American taxpayer. D.Dowd Muska takes an in-depth look at private industry's bid for a free and self-supporting space program to replace NASA's pipeline into the federal treasury. And guess what? A major spaceport is to be right here in Nevada. [the article]

Goose-Stepping Ghosts
hat does the Las Vegas Strip have in common with 1920s Italy and fascist dictator Benito Mussolini? A privileged union elite and the ideas behind the National Labor Relations Board, says Steven Miller.   [the article]

The Domain of the Eminent
reat Basin College economist Glen Tenney returns to the pages of Nevada Journal with a look at how eminent domain in Nevada has been turned into a weapon of the politically connected against other's property rights. [the article]

1999 Education Legislation
elive it or not, the pro-market education reform message is being heard in Carson City. Pat Hickey reviews education bill drafts for the '99 legislative session. [the article]


Publisher's Page
Judy Cresanta pens an open letter to state school superintendents asking them to look at how Texas managed  to jump to the head of the class in elementary school achivement.

Knight Allen reports on the problem public employees in Nevada seem to have with the separation of powers doctrine.

Health Care
Family physician "Mark Train" tells how the managed care system has turned his profession into a personal nightmare for him and his patients.

The director of the Comission on Economic Development seeks to defend the governor, an animal rightster takes a piece personally, and more.


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Payments and Collectivism
in Inaction

Elko county is supposed to get a federal tax rebate of around $800,000 this month under the PILT program. PILT stands for, depending on whom one asks, either Payment in Lieu of Taxes, or Perpetuating I11-Conceived Land Policy .... [more]

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All In the
Day's News

A 25-year-old reporter for the Reno Gazette-Journal witnessed the execution of a convicted killer last month and then shared a few of her thoughts with readers: "If the death penalty is supposed to make people think before they commit crimes, we should return to the days of hangings in the town square. The sanitary disposal of life in the dark corners of a prison where only a few people stand witness doesn't send a message." ...[more]

Arts, Books & Culture
At the turn of the century Nevada's neighbor to the north was the site of some bloody atrocities by unionist miners. David Kendrick reviews Big Trouble, by J.Anthony Lukas. [the review]


High Court High Jinks


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