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Volume 6,  Number 12 • December,  1998

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Cover Story
The Death
of Rural

Nevada's rural counties are teetering on the brink, find D.J.Alden and Steven Miller. Federal mismanagement and the environmental left have the state's ranching community hurting. All this as a new study reveals that urban and rural Nevadan's share remarkably similar views on public land management. [the article]

Soft Money and Cozy Relations
Pat Hickey
examines how two Silver State media moguls are crossing the line between the press and the politicians.  [the article]

We Don't Need
No Stinkin' Dump!

new technology can make the Yucca Mountain repository useless--but is anyone in Nevada's congressional delegation listening? John McClaughry sends some Green Mountain State wisdom westward.  [the article]

Social Securities
evada's public employees opt out of the biggest investment scam in history, finds D. Dowd Muska. But their pension program holds both promise and peril for performing Social Security itself.  [the article]


Publisher's Page
Judy Cresanta offers some pre-inauguration advice for Nevada's new chief executive. The threats to Nevada's economy aren't just from the ouside, she tells soon-to-be Governor Kenny.

Ralph Heller notes that some Nevadans can't get enough of public employment -- plenty of legislators get full-time paychecks from the Silver State's general fund.

Judy Cresanta reveals how the West might benefit from a Western Regional Primary and rival California in electoral importance.

Nevada Journal's newest investigative reporter finds some disturbing goings-on at the Washoe County Jail.

Civil Liberties
The feds now are no longer interested in preserving our privacy -- they're more interested in violating it. Lisa S. Dean sounds a call-to-arms.

An angry simian weighs in regarding animal rights, a look at Canada's bad attitude toward freedom, a Frankie Sue critic and a few more justifications for meaningful education reform.


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Raffling Off the Law Might Pull Us Through Hard Times

Elko County Commissioners have been taking steps over the past years to deal with declining revenues, and Elko City Councilmen now are seeing their revenue figures head south. Gold prices aren't what they used to be. Nevada legislators, scheduled to begin the next legislative session--with both sales and gambling tax revenues below expectations, all they can say is "no" .... [more]

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Longfellow's Christmas Legacy

It would be interesting to know how Henry Wadsworth Longfellow -- or even Franklin Roosevelt -- might have reacted to today's hypersensitivity to public prayer and things like singing Christmas carols in schools. Jefferson, after all, had ordered copies of the New Testament to be distributed at government expense to Indian tribes at the time of the Louisiana Purchase "so that they learn the moral code crucial to the prospects of liberty."...[more]

Arts, Books
& Culture

At the turn of the century Nevada's neighbor to the north was the site of some bloody atrocities by unionist miners. David Kendrick reviews Big Trouble, by J.Anthony Lukas. [the review]


Kenny Guinn


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