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RALPH HELLER’s intellectual search for false assumptions [September issue] need look no farther than four pages to Mr. D. Dowd Muska’s article ["The PETA Principle"] on animal rights. For reasons we can only guess Mr. Muska assumes his readers are some third branch of life. His wording says:

"... policy … is influenced by the view that places the rights of animals side-by-side with those of man.

"... if animals have the same rights as people, then ..."

How much life to take and how much not is a fair subject for discussion. In the meantime let me explain some facts to Mr. Muska. We are animals, no less and no more.

David Sherer
Las Vegas

Funky Canada,
Oh, Canada

I LIKE YOUR magazine.

J. D. Deming’s article ["Guns Down Under," October issue] was an interesting look at Australia. I thought about going to Canada in the latish 1980s as things were booming in Whistler, but after a couple evenings dealing with their funky drinking laws and looking for an outlet in the can to plug in my Norelco I got to wondering.

The outlet law stemmed from a prince or some other royal getting electrocuted sometime in the Twenties. Then my dad came back from a trip to Banff. Seemed he (retired fighter pilot) had had the gall to pack both bear juice and a 30-30 just in case Canadian grizzly bears were less friendly than other Canadian denizens. He said the border stop turned into an Inquisition. He hasn’t been back since. I myself had a few crossings that were somewhat annoying ... wound up planning ahead by leaving some of my toys with pals on the American side. Seems going across the line requires leaving some other items behind as well.

Anyway, it’s amazing that Aussies don’t have a right to self-protection ... and as anyone knows, the cops can’t be everywhere. If they could, life wouldn’t be much fun, now would it? I guess that's the point. Life's still interesting in America and I'm one who prefers it that way. As for Deming ... if he's not a member of the NRA, he should be. There's no shame to be had from defending civil liberties with your wallet. Freedom has a price and the more willing to pay it, the less it costs in the long run.

Dave Skinner
People for the USA

Frankie Sue Boo-Boo

Pueblo, CO

HUZZAHS for your story [October issue] on how the Attorney General once again ignored state law and stuck it to Nevada taxpayers. It’s amazing how much official lawlessness Nevadans swallow. Maybe it’s time again for just a little Lexington & Concord ...

Del Tartikoff


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