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Volume 7,  Number 1 • January,  1999

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Cover Story
Kenny Guinn

Kenny Guinn was elected governor on promises to restore order in Nevada’s classrooms. His TV advertisements talked about accountability and boot camps. Voters bought Guinn’s line that his experience as an educator and administrator made him uniquely qualified to improve our public schools. Or does that make him part of the problem?  [the article]

"Playing Nevada"
Steven Miller
takes a close look at a new proposal given state legislators by a newcomer to our  state who belives he sees a way for Nevada to avoid its looming ecomonic quagmire.  [the article]

Building a Police State,
Brick by Brick

ew developments have been more dismaying or threatening in recent years than the dismantling of freedom's safeguards, reports Senior Consulting Editor Ralph Heller who says it all began with Al Capone.  [the article]

Nevada: Defended or
in North Korea's Crosshairs?

ormer Reagan defense analyst Frank Gaffney explains why Nevada is vulnerable to nuclear attack.  [the article]


Publisher's Page
NPRI has been named as a conspirator by the NEA, NPRI President Judy Cresanta reports. Or is she bragging?

Some Nevadans vote multiple times during so-called early voting, voting by mail and a trip to the polls on election day, says an NPRI staff investigation.

Ted Harris makes a compelling case that Nevada's property tax law is inherently confiscatory.

Federal Land Agencies
The U.S. Court of Federal Claims has ruled in favor of Nevada rancher Wayne Hage and against the feds, reports Margaret Gabbard.

Power and Privilege
Bruce Esgar tells us what the Nevada Employees for the Right to Work have been up to.

News Media
The Information Superhighway, reports Pat Hickey, probably won't completely marginalize the print media (sigh).

U.S. Gas Taxes
NPRI unearths more of the comparative tax information from all over the country that the daily news media seems unable to report.

Small Business
D. J. Alden makes a persuasive case for Nevada attacking the challenge of economic diversification.

Readers hail Nevada Journal's reports on property taxes in Incline Village, bloated public employee retirement benefits and on the poet Longfellow and Christmas.


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Nevada Department of Occupying Space

I thought it was a waste of our tax money when Congress decided to funnel millions of dollars to the State of Nevada ($73 million so far) so Nevada could oversee and find technical faults with the plan to sink waste from the nation’s nuclear power plants in the southern Nevada desert.
   And the director of the Nevada Agency for Nuclear Projects came to the same conclusion, that spending those dollars overseeing the technical aspects of a political deal — Nevada’s congressional delegation is vastly outnumbered by delegates from states where this waste now sits, awaiting the opening of the Nevada dump — was the wrong approach. So the agency spent the money traveling around the country drumming up political opposition to the plan..... [more]

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Spinning Legislative Wheels All Over Again?

The new year begins not only where the old year left off, but in many ways Nevada starts the new year pretty much as it started last year and the year before that. For example, Nevada continues to have behind bars a larger percentage of its population than the percentage of residents presently behind bars in communist China.  .... [more]

Arts, Books
& Culture

D. Dowd Muska reviews A Place Called Jarbridge -- a book about Elko County's 'Golden Oldie.' [the review]

Next Month:

Bob Miller
Leaves Nevada
With a High-Tax

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