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Volume 7,  Number 2 • February,  1999

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Cover Story
The Bryan-
Miller Legacy They'd Prefer
You Forget

The legacy of the last 16 years most likely to be remembered, suggests Ralph Heller, is nearly two decades of unprecedented tax increases. As legislators convene in Carson City Heller provides readers the most complete list of Nevada's tax hikes since 1981 published anywhere.  [the article]

Does Nevada Really Need
a Highway Patrol?

ational Motorists Association member Chad Dornsife reports that it isn't public safety that dictates Nevada's speed limits, but rather the old coin of the realm that helps to keep the Highway Patrol afloat.  [the article]

Ownership: The Key Issue
ontrary to what many politicians believe, federal ownership of western land is what's really behind nearly all the problems that the federal land agencies face, says Glen Tenney[the article]


Publisher's Page
Senior Consulting Editor Ralph Heller finds less than meets the eye in today's news publications.

Commentary From
the Grass Roots

Nevada Libertarian Party officer Brendan Trainor opines why voter turnout is disappointing ... and what we can do about it.

The Constitution
Present efforts to substitute "random sampling" for a census head count is asking for trouble, reports Valle Simms Dutcher, Associate General counsel for Southeastern Legal Foundation.

Federal Land Agencies
D. J. Alden reports on how federal agency destructiveness in rural Nevada increasingly is taking a very literal turn.

The Right to Vote
NPRI Senior Research fellow Randall D. Lloyd explains why so-called "Motor Voter" is a flop and endangers democracy..

Applause (as always) and a request for some more of our patented muckraking. Also: Steiner and Fortune Magazine's customer satisfaction index.


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Will Result from Government Bloat

Ralph Heller's December Nevada Journal article on the number of legislators drawn from the ranks of government itself sent me on an editorial rampage about the dangers of putting government employees in charge of the legislature. Heller explained that a full 19 of the 63 solons now pontificating the best way to divvy up the loot flowing out of our pockets and into Carson City draw their off-session salaries from the Carson City end of that pipeline. Scary..... [more]

Limousine Lumps

It was cynical enough to make even hardened observers of the Nevada heller.jpg (3903 bytes)legislature stop and gape. Assembly Bill 366 had been sold to the public in 1997 as a way to start moving Nevada into a new era of competitive, deregulated marketplaces. Yet when the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee added some 500 pages of amendments were some of the most savage new regulations the Silver State has even seen.  [the article]

Arts, Books
& Culture

NPRI President Judy Cresanta reviews a fascinating book by Francis J. Beckwith and Gregory Kould entitled, On Relativism: Feet Firmly Planted in Mid-Air. She tantalizingly titles her review, "The Bridges-of-Virtue County." [the review]

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