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We appreciate your efforts in bringing our attention to political issues here in Nevada and also on a national level. The clear and sensible approach taken by the various writers you enlist helps us to understand various pieces of legislation and policy.

Mike Reyman

Something Stinks

Here's a story you folks at Nevada journal might look into: politicians from the Western states using public funds -- taxpayer funds -- to underwrite the further expansion of command-and-control socialism in the Western U.S.

As you know, over one-third of the land in the U.S. is currently owned by the federal government. Add in state and local lands and over 40 percent is run by the bureaucrats. But I recently heard that a number of Western Republicans(!) have made a deal to even further socialize the American West.

The vehicle is a big new funding bill for the federal Land and water Conservation Fund which since 1965 has been used by stooges for radical environmentalists to buy up private lands. [Sen. Frank] Murkowski and [Rep.] Don Young, both in Alaska, have bills to place up to $1,5 billion in the fund every year, off budget. It's a scheme to at one and the same time empower the radical environmentalists while insulating the money pipeline from future Congressional control -- the bills puts the funding on automatic pilot.

I think what Young and Murkowski are trying to do stinks. they've both adamantly opposed giving moneys to this fund in the past. But now they're being offered, I hear , the chance for the state of Alaska to get its hands on offshore oil and gas revenues that currently go into the federal deficit reduction funds. The environmentalists allegedly said, "We'll deliver the democrats to give you what you want, if you 'll give us this key to the federal treasury."

What Murkowski and Young are up to is just shameful. What I suggest Nevada Journal do is put on its investigative reporting hat again and go document the exact particulars of this smelly deal.

Walter Franklin
Moab, Utah
(via the Internet)


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