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Volume 7,  Number 3 • March,  1999

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Cover Story
Switching Tracks

If taxpayer-funded light-rail transit systems are failing all across the country, why do some bureaucrats and politicians in Las Vegas want one? D. Dowd Muska found that too few people are asking that question. But there are ways to dodge a billion-dollar rail boondoggle in Sin City-- the private sector is ready and willing to take charge.  [the article]

The Federal Agency of Speeding Myth
n the second portion of his series, Chad Dornsife documents why federal transportation bureaucrats care very little about highway safety--and very much about building empires.  [the article]

When Facts Get in the Way
he EPA's problem with sound science didn't begin with the Clinton administration, reports J. Wanless Southwick. The agency's placement of politics before valid research goes back to its very first years.  [the article]


Publisher's Page
Nevada neighbor to the south just keeps passing one innovative education reform after another. Judy Cresanta calls on Silver State legislators to adopt Arizona's tuition tax credit plan.

Power and Privilege
Elaine McNeill suggests that prevailing wage laws aren't just a disaster at the federal level--a home-grown statute unnecessarily drives up the cost of Nevada's public projects, too.

Second Thoughts
Ralph Heller provides some information your daily paper might have missed--including the benefits of tree trade, Nevada's infestation of lawyers and the value of drug treatment programs.

Bob Thomas dissects why the University and Community College System of Nevada wants the legislature to meet every year. And yes, it's all about money.

The Right to Vote
Who really benefits from census sampling? The answer may surprise you. Randall D. Lloyd offers some fresh perspectives on a bitter feud.

A Texan looks back at Lyndon Johnson's ethically challenged election record, a Las Vegan weights in on vote fraud in Clark County and a Lamoillian offers his assessment of the dangers of Y2K in NV.


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Can Only Taxpayers
Build a Park?

A year-end review of Elko-area happenings during 1998 rekindled attention over an embarrassing event that still has to be rectified. Early in the year, a few local residents began talking of enhancing the area along the river. Plans called for donations of money and labor to clean up the area along the river. Plans called for donations of money and labor to clean up the area and provide facilities to attract residents and visitors.... [more]

Trouble in the Ivory Tower

Trying to shed its stereotype as Tumbleweed tech, UNLV is a university in transition. But, feature.jpg (2253 bytes)fittingly for a school known primarily for its run-and-gun basketball program, the game has been a ragged one.
In its headlong rush for respect, growing pains have popped up. The tension between faculty and administration hangs ominously over the Maryland Parkway campus. The academics-vs.- athletics conundrum remains unresolved. And funding issues are more contentious than ever as the state budget pie shrinks.  [the article]

Arts, Books
& Culture

A new collection of Objectivist essays exposes the Left's campaign against progress and capitalism. Diane Alden reviews Return of the Primitive: The Anti-Industrial Revolution. [the review]

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