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I  am with you on this issue of voting abuse. But the ones in power, who get in power illegally, once in are impossible to dislodge.

Remember the late President Johnson who did so much damage as president. He was elected fraudulently over Texas Governor Coke Stevenson, who was running for U.S. Senator.

According to the publisher of an exposť book, A Fellow Texan Looks at LBJ, Stevenson was leading LBJ by a wide margin though LBJ had the Democratic boss of the south Texas counties on his side.

But then a miracle happened: Thousands of dead people got out of their graves to vote for LBJ—who won by (I think) 61 votes. Then the voters went happily back to their graves.
Another thing: Investigators found all of these dead people had exactly the same handwriting.

All this was found out by Mr. Everett Haley, a millionaire rancher of west Texas, who wrote the book. But he got nowhere though he was worth $15 million and was spending it like mad to defeat LBJ. So you are right, as Mr. Haley was.

James Burton
Canyon, Texas

Voting Fraud II

My name is Margaret Price and I vote with another Margaret Price. Also, she and I go to the same beauty parlor every Tuesday (we went on election day). Almost every election they have one or the other of us sign in on the wrong lines[!] if we don’t correct them.

This past election I did not use early voting though they talked and talked to us on radio and TV so that "we wouldn’t have to stand in line." Of course, they didn’t say, "Then you can vote again on election day." But I was worried about this being able to be done because there were so many places all over Clark County you could early vote that I wondered how they could tell if you had already voted as all places couldn’t have the voting books you sign when you vote on election day at one place only.

When I signed the book, again they pointed to the other Margaret Price’s line. I corrected them and signed the right line and voted. I thought I had just beat her to the polls when I got to the beauty parlor at 8 a.m. She came in about five minutes later and I said "I beat you to the polls this time, and again they wanted me to sign on your line." She said, "Oh, I voted at the mall two weeks ago."

She could have gone over and voted again and they would not have known! I like her, but she is 100 percent liberal and I know she voted opposite to me. As close as that election was, I can’t help but think it was decided by some folks voting more than once. That would mean Nevada is getting cheated. This early voting should never be done. Or we might as well not vote at all. If early voting is needed by someone for a good reason they should have to go to the voting registration office and sign the book. Or have one card only sent to them to vote on, and this should be with the book at the polls on election day. Where the signature goes in the book should be stamped "Voted Early" or such-and-such-a-day and the card should be there for a check if someone questions whether they did vote early.

Margaret Price
Las Vegas

Y2K in Nevada

I think that the Y2K crisis, if it occurs, may be seriously intertwined with public policy issues here in Nevada. In the Elko Daily Free Press, a recent two-inch notice reported that a Nevada state employee said the state government was trying to make Y2K a "non-event."

There is a wide range of opinion on the impact of this event/non-event, ranging from those in government who would persuade the public that everything will be fine to the end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it believers who plan to "bug out" to the hills. Trying to sift through all the rhetoric in a quick look at this, I have concluded that there may be some power disruptions during the first days of January, 2000 and that most other problems may cause some inconvenience. However there is a distinct possibility that a minor panic could motivate people to over-react. There are legitimate sources of information on progress to become Y2K-ready by government agencies, trade associations, etc. The city of Elko has or is in the process of purchasing a large generator capable of supplying power for its water and sewer facilities. City and county governments across the U.S. are developing specific emergency planning activities. In the past few weeks I have quietly talked to friends and associates and found many of them hesitantly revealing their plans and activities to accumulate four to six weeks of food and a way to store water. Of course, tackling a public policy issue like emergency preparedness in the context of Y2K in a state where public officials do not even bring it up is risky for your journal. But a position of leadership is always risky, isn’t it?

P.S. I think the key issues are the power grid, preparedness of public utilities and whether or not these utilities might choose to isolate their areas of service in an emergency. A secondary concern would be the President acting out under executive orders that relate to an emergency.

Warren Russell


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