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Volume 7,  Number 4 • April,  1999

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A Law Unto

Judge Roy Bean may be dead and buried, but his spirit lives on in Nevada's courtrooms. Steven Miller reports on the conflicts of interest inherent in the Silver State's justice and municipal courts -- and why no one's doing anything about them.  [the article]

Lemon Tort
evada's Supreme Court delivered a New Year's Eve present to trial lawyers last year. Junk science is free to wreak havoc in Nevada's courtrooms, finds D. Dowd Muska, as a result of the justices' ruling in an especially interesting case.  [the article]

hy is the medical establishment targeting doctors who do things a little different? Earlene Forsythe dissects the attack on homeopaths, and explains how it hurts all patients.  [the article]


Publisher's Page
Ralph Heller finds that accountability is all but nonexistent in Nevada law enforcement.

Knight Allen documents the two biggest tax myths in Nevada -- and why they're so dangerous.

Second Thoughts
Ralph Heller weighs in with some statistics to keep you awake tonight.

Just how reliable are polls? And even if they are correct, wonders Randy Lloyd, should America be a nation of, by and for opinion surveys?

Civil Liberties
In their push to mandate "key recovery," notes Joseph D. McNamara, William Freeh and Janet Reno are willing to let a few key constitutional protections slide.

The Rule of Law
Chad Dornsife provides a parable set on a Nevada highway. Can a motorist be pulled over for driving safely in the Silver State? Believe or not, yes.

The dangers of those pesky FLEAs, plus a critic of Ayn Rand advocates a "sustainable future" for both beasts and man.

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Liver Sausage

Would it be unreasonable for the State of Nevada, before acting on "facts" presented by the minions of Bill Clinton and Bruce Babbitt (two men with recognized disabilities in he truth-telling department), to actually check out those "facts"?
  At least one state official thinks that would be unreasonable: Allen Biaggi, director of the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection. He's fighting a measure to give the Nevada a little more control over its destiny... [more]

Nevada's Seat
in the House
of Lords

By J. D. Deming

Not many realize a boy raised in Nevada's Washoe Valley, south of Reno, as a full-blown hereditary voting member in Britain's upper house. feature.jpg (2253 bytes) True, Garret Wellesley is no tobaccy-spittin' cowboy -- he holds a Harvard MBA and has spent decades living abroad -- but it is worth nothing that a piece of Nevada history is tried up in a contentious political battle in Europe....  [more]

Nevada Watch
Star Trek: The Hilton Experience teleports away from the Teamsters, HAZMAT protects Reno from pop and a left-winger recalls from the Orwellian memory hole some amazing political history regarding the proposed Yucca Mountain nuke dump. [Nevada Watch]

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Reid Loses It: What Really Produced the
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