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Volume 7,  Number 5 • May,  1999

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Reid Loses It

What really produced the acclaimed new deal in the long-running Truckee water dispute? Brooks Wallace takes you behind the scenes and shows the threat that--after over a decade of resistance--marvelously concentrated Harry Reid's mind.  [the article]


Sin Tax Error
ll across the country, legislators, bureaucrats and public health activists are cracking down on sin. Their tool of choice these days is taxation, finds D. Dowd Muska. But Nevada is bucking this particular tax-hike trend.  [the article]


Publisher's Page
Judy Cresanta notes the disconnect between radical greens and the rural communities they loathe. Case in point: The enviros' campaign against Nevada gold mining.

Power and Privilege
Patrick Beckwith tells how naive young teachers get suckered into the NSEA--from his own experience.

Western Lands
Nevada rancher-writer Don Bowman relates little-known history of federal plans to privatize Nevada's vast lands.

Stephen Goldsmith, the mayor of Indianapolis, outlines his "marketization" vision--a way to cut government bloat without reducing services.

If you've still got money, you're not being "fair"--that's the subtext behind the liberal rap nowadays, says Randy Lloyd.

Health Care
Both the AMA and the HMO crowd are wrong, says Jane Orient, who shows how freedom can solve the current health mess.

Voice of the People
Is Minnesota's new--and straight-talking--governor proof that voters are ready to recognize reality? Perhaps so, argues Chuck Muth.

How lawmakers subverted the last try at property tax reform, memories of the mining life the feds are out to destroy and a vigorous debate on School-to-Careers.

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Get Your
Government Giveaway:
Just $80

Battle Mountain Gold and Crown Resources began the process of opening the Crown Jewel mine in Washington early this decade. So far, these developers have poured $80 million into the project and have acquired in excess of 50 permits and posted $50 million worth of bonds to assure there will be money ready to address any environmental problems that might emerge... [more]

The $379 Million Mandate

By Robert C. Tauber

The Chinese symbol for crisis combines the symbol for danger and the symbol for opportunity. It's an insight feature.jpg (2253 bytes)highly relevant to Nevada's current fiscal crisis: Rarely has such an opportunity to bring about sweeping change in state government been put more squarely before a new administration....  [more]

Nevada Watch
NJ's new feature goes full-page this month with
looks at the Vegas light rail bug traveling north, the erotic faculty at UNR, how Nevada "lost" Microsoft
and more. [Nevada Watch]

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Is Internet
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