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Volume 7,  Number 6 • June,  1999

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Cover Story
Is Internet
of the Devil?

Pro- and anti-casino activists alike have lined up behind an attempt to ban Internet gambling. But D. Dowd Muska reports that prohibiting online betting is impossible.  [the article]


Is Nevada Going
to Take a Beating?

evada's Victims of Crime program will soon start awarding compensation to out-of-state folks unlucky enough to encounter a thug while visiting in the Silver State. Ken Ward asks if expanding the program -- thanks to a little federal largess -- will baloon its costs and blow a hole in the state budget.  [the article]


Publisher's Page
Judy Cresanta weighs in on the threat online activism poses to the statist quo--in Nevada and throughout the nation.

Power and Privilege
Bruce Esgar reports financial data that the Culinary Union Local 226 had to release. There's plenty the union doesn't want its current members on the Strip to know.

Harvey Whittemore gave state Senator Mark James some bad press this session. But Steven Miller says GOP allegiance to Harvey could undermine the state party's chance to make gains in 2000.

Judy Cresanta details what happened to some civic-minded developers who just wanted to do right thing--until double-dealing by state government taught them a different lesson.

Jon Moser and Steven Miller inquire into the impact of talk radio in Nevada and America. Also, the Silver State's highest-rated talk jock looks back at his history with the Rush Limbaugh Show. Rusty and Rush

Ray Bacon
describes the EPA's campaign to make Nevada suffer for other states' air pollution sins.

A reminder that life isn't fair, a defense of Nevada's love affair with the federal School-to-Careers program and a Las Vegan expatriate on why gun control doesn't work.

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The Sacred
Right to a
Gov't Job

What is the purpose of a state agency? Is it to provide a service that couldn't be provided by a private company? Or is it to keep a certain segment of the population well fed?
.... [more]

Achieving Real
Change in

By Robert C. Tauber

Last month we looked at how Nevada's feature.jpg (2253 bytes)current budget crisis can actually become our greatest opportunity to transform Nevada's state's government for excellence in the 21st century.... [more]

Nevada Watch
BIA cops on the loose in Reno, e-commerce, the taxpayer- unfriendly Nevada Taxpayers Association and more proof that Nevada is not a low-tax state. Also, Shelley Berkeley's profitably faulty memory. [Nevada Watch]

Arts, Books
& Culture

Clarence Carson reviews America's 30 Years War, a book examining the appetite for totalitarism in Western Europe and America.
[the review]

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