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Volume 7,  Number 7 • July,  1999

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Big Needs, Little Steps

This session legislators had a prime opportunity to fix Nevada's dismal government school system. But as Ken Ward reports, ignorance, stupidity and union muscle led the Gang of 63 to blow it.  [the article]


The Art of the Mooch
hen most people think of art subsidies, they think of the National Endowment for the Arts. But D. Dowd Muska notes that Nevada has its own culture-pork agency -- and even a budget crisis can't kill it.  [the article]

Cracking the Code
Jason J. Bach
explains that Nevada isn't immune to the brutal hand of political correctness. The thought police are at work at UNLV -- but perhaps not for long, thanks to some campus civil libertarians. [the article]

Sidebar: An overview of speech codes throughout America's colleges. [sidebar]


Publisher's Page
How can "helping the children" be bad? Easy, finds Judy Cresanta-when "help" is another program in search of a problem.

Private Property
Karen Budd-Falen is suing Bill & Al over their illegal clean-water edicts. Here she explains why, and asks some fearless Nevadans to join her cause. Sidebar: Are Silver State ranchers ready to throw in the towel?  [sidebar]

Some folks -- including Kenny Guinn -- see zero-based budgeting as the taxpayer's friend. But Randall D. Lloyd argues that ZBB just puts the cart before the horse.

Health Care
Harold B. Jones, Jr. shows the fakery common to federal posturing about Medicare fraud and antitrust.

Some out-of-state miners praise Nevada Journal, an assemblyman seems to get loopy and a good-government activist offers some advice to Mayor Oscar.

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Garbage Wars

Dan Steninger describes how the Elko County Commission colluded with the feds to criminalize ranch garbage dumps.... [more]

Getting a Rope on Government

In the final part of his series, Robert C. Tauber outlines a privatization model for Nevada's feature.jpg (2253 bytes)legislators in '01. As the Department of Defense has shown, the tools are there if lawmakers are willing.... [more]

Nevada Notebook

Two big-government fans admit that their actions make life harder for small businessmen, and more. [Nevada Notebook]

Arts, Books
& Culture

Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Vin Suprynowicz pulls no punches when it comes to freedom. But better than that, he also reports much of today's hidden history. Steven Miller appreciatively reviews Vin's first book, Send in the Waco Killers.
[the review]

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The NRA, NSEA Target Nevada Business

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