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Volume 7,  Number 9/10 • Sept./Oct.,  1999

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Seems Like Old Times

E arlier this decade casino bosses and the teacher union imposed a major tax on Nevada businesses, and Steven Miller reports how they're all geared up to try to do it again..  [the article]


The Paradox of the Statist Businessman
all Street legend and philanthropist Ted Forstmann says that subsidy-seeking businessmen give capitalism a bad name, even though lurking in capitol lobbies is the opposite of capitalism. [the article]

State-of-the-Art Corporatism
A lot of Nevada pols and bureaucrats are very eager to play venture capitalist with your tax dollars, reports D. Dowd Muska. [the article]

One Spark from Disaster
It's no mere coincidence that the diseased and brittle trees in the Tahoe Basin are on land managed by the feds, writes Holly Lipke Fretwell. [the article]



Publisher's Page
NPRI's president, Judy Cresanta, says the organization is out to unleash opportunity in the Silver State.

What? there really ain't no free lunch? Yep, reports Ken Ward, that's what Las Vegas public television has discovered, to its surprise.

Health Care
Federal zealots are putting toddlers at risk with a one-size-fits-all national vaccine policy, writes Jane Orient,M.D.

Health Care II
By thoughtlessly conforming to federal vaccine policy, the Silver State is playing vaccine roulette, suggests a NEVADA JOURNAL staff report.

A heartfelt thank you, resisting new taxes vigorously, and an open letter to Kenny Guinn.

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Tax Our Way
to Better Schools?

Dan Steninger wants to know how much stupidity the teacher union has inculcated in Nevada voters.... [more]

A Very Taxing Study

A keystone of casino industry tax-hike propaganda has been a 1991 economic study paid for by thefeature.jpg (2253 bytes) Nevada Resort Association. But economist Glen Tenney shows the political agenda behind the academic masquerade. [more]

Nevada Notebook

Trashing the Monopoly, Locked Out, Federal Police Revisited, and more. [Nevada Notebook]

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The Slippery Slope


The Hit on Wal-Mart

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