NPRI's List of Publications

NPRI studies and books present significant findings on tax policy, health care policy, educational policy and other public policy issues. If you haven't seen the studies, need more copies or want to send copies to opinion leaders or others these studies are available for a small fee. Here are some from which you can choose.


Nevada Medicaid: Constructive Reform of the State System. Outlines reforms of the Medicaid system at the state level that could potentially save Nevada $315.2 million dollars over the next seven years. With this savings, NPRI disproves the notion that the Congressional block-grant proposal will translate into a reduction of benefits for those on or coming into the Medicaid system.

Nevada Education: Laying the Groundwork. This study outlines three major problem areas — the economics, politics and accountability of education in Nevada. The author recommends reforms that would improve the level of education in Nevada.

Term Limits Outlook. Rethinking Article V: Term Limits and the Seventeenth and Nineteenth Amendments. This study places term limits in a historical perspective by tracing the campaigns that brought about the adoption of the Seventeenth and Nineteenth Amendments.

The Instruction Gap. A 10 year economic study of how education dollars have been spent. The study shows a major priority shift from instruction to administration, teacher's benefits and loan interest payments creating an education gap of over $80,000,000 since 1982.

Who Pays? The Burden of Environmental Cleanup and Pollution Control. This Study unveils the exact source of funding for environmental cleanup. It uncovers the inequities in both the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) and the Superfund which have led to billions in litigation expenses.

Health Care: History , Hype and Help. This study includes the findings that NPRI obtained during its Statewide Health Care Summit held in May of 1994. Several conclusions were reached, chief among them the incorporation of Medical Savings Accounts (MSA's) in both state and federal reform.

Newlands Reclamation Project Water Rights, a Private Property Issue. This study examines Nevada's current water wars from the perspective of private property rights.

Hardrock Mining. John Dobra, Ph.D., Director of the Natural Resource Industry Institute and Senior Research Fellow for NPRI, delivered testimony to the U.S. Congress on the proposed 8% royalty on mining. Dobra testified on the effects of mining royalties on jobs, profitability and their impact on resources.

Congressional Testimony on U.S. Mining act of 1872. John Dobra, Ph.D., delivered testimony before the House Committee on Natural Resources regarding President Clinton's proposed 12.5% royalty on hardrock mining. This legislation would significantly alter the U.S. Mining act of 1872 - a statute which has historically encouraged prospecting, development and extraction of minerals in the public domain for more than 120 years.

Public Education and the First Amendment: A Policy Analysis. Explains why New Age practices are religious, illustrates various instruction methods currently employed and sites examples of New Age teaching in Nevada.

Mapping the Maze of SIIS. Analyzes the seven government agencies which contribute to inefficient claims management and benefit delivery, diffuse and overlapping control, waste, and operational inefficiency.

Nevada's Fiscal Crisis: Where Did all the Money Go? This study looks at Nevada's current budgetary crisis, with its revenue shortfall. It has heightened interest in the state's finances and turned up the intensity of the usual criticisms of taxing and spending in Nevada.

Nevada's Health. This study outlines the evolution of health care in America and proposes several suggestions for restructuring Nevada's present health care situation.

Designing A Public School Choice Program that Can Pay For Itself. This study is a proposal for an educational choice program that would allow parents to choose among public and private schools with the aid of a state scholarship.

What's New in Nevada Schools A Case Study: Jacobson Elementary School. This study looks at a Nevada school that sought solutions to the problems of "at risk" students, decisions and their ultimate impact on mainstream society. This is Nevada's first experience with site-based management and school autonomy.


What Everyone Should Know About Economics and Prosperity. Analyzes the major sources of economic progress - private property rights, free trade, and low taxes - stressing that government must remain limited and allow markets to work.

Hidden Politics: "Progressive" Non Profits Target The States. Examines the latest political strategy of special interest activist groups. Claiming to represent the concerns of nonprofit charities, advocacy groups have developed a detailed plan to organize and fund special interests at taxpayer expense.

Gridlock in Government: How to End the Stagnation of America. Term limits would reduce the incumbent politicians' career interest in aggrandizing government and themselves. An in depth study of government waste and political perks fostered by lifelong political careers.

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