July / August 1996     Volume 4, Number 4


Will the 1997 Legislature Dishonor its Bargain with Property Owners?
A decade and a half ago the Nevada Legislature struck a bargain with Nevadans calling for modest, stable property taxes but with some increases in other taxes and fees. Those other increases have been sufficiently numerous to shoot holes though the often heard boast that Nevada is a "low tax" state, and NPRI Senior Research Fellow Ralph Heller reviews the record and wonders if next year's legislators will honor or dishonor Carson City's long-ago bargain with property owners.

State Cracks Down on (Most) Fraudulent Pyramid Schemes.
NPRI's rural correspondent and Elko Daily Free Press Editorial Page Editor Dan Steninger thinks the state is doing a fine job of cracking down on all pyramid schemes but one.

You Know You're a Liberal If..
Nationally syndicated columnist Don Feder knows exactly how to identify liberals.

Four Approaches to Tax Reform
Scholar Murray Weidenbaum introduces four structural changes to improve our federal tax code, and the pluses and minuses of all four are then listed in this month's centerfold.


There's A Flat Tax in Our Future
Republican flat tax champion Congressman Dick Armey of Texas makes a strong case for considering the flat tax proposal he and Senator Richard Shelby are promoting.

A Flat Tax That Falls Flat
Eric Toder of the Treasury Department reviews another flat tax proposal he believes simply doesn't measure up.

The Academics of School-to-Work, Looking at the German Model
The "school-to-work" programs being promoted by professional U. S. educators don't begin to reflect the highly successful German model, according to Dr. William G. Burden, director of the Institute for Academic Advancement of Youth.

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