November/December     Volume 4, Number 6


The Ins and Outs of the
Nevada Legislature and
the General Election.

Jon Ralston, Las Vegas Review -Journal columnist and editor of the Ralston Report, keeps score of how the Nevada General Election is shaping up for both the Republicans and the Democrats. He gives a race- by-race analysis of each Senate and Assembly seat up for election long with the two congressional battles

Meet Your Candidate
NPRI sent out a questionnaire to every candidate running for legislative office so readers could learn for themselves where the various candidates stand on a variety of public issues including tax increases, property rights and school choice to name a few. Not all candidates responded, of course, but the responses of those who did respond are in this month's issue for all to see.

The 1996 State Ballot Questions
Knowing how to vote on ballot questions is no less important than knowing which candidate to support and in the Centerfold of this issue, NPRI tells you what the Institute thinks about each of the 17 ballot questions. Some have been widely publicized, but others are relatively obscure. NPRI covers them all.

Brother, Can You Spare a Dime ... or maybe a Couple Hundred Million Dimes?
NPRI Senior Research Fellow Ralph Heller takes a look at the ocean of ballot requests in county after county for authorization of bonds, or for authorization of tax increases, and won ders just how far public spending in Nevada will be carried.

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